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Become a Non-Resident Importer
Frontier's combination of supply-chain services opens your U.S. business up to 38 million new potential Canadian customers.
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Customs Made Easy
Our highly-skilled brokerage team eliminates the complications that go along with importing and exporting by making sure your company stays compliant.
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Speed Up Your Deliveries
With our same day, overnight and late delivery freight and courier in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, Frontier can quickly help you speed up your end-to-end supply chain.
Truckloads on Demand
For freight companies looking for a carrier, Frontier has many trucks with availability. Click below to learn more about our lanes:
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Expert Trade Consultants
Our team has advanced knowledge of logistics to help you take advantage of duty drawbacks, FTAs and more.
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Improve Your Sales
Get more orders delivered with Frontier Saskatchewan Same Day, ship anything from envelopes to full skids.
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Bring the World Closer
No matter where you need to ship, our experts in international trade use an educated process to guide you through shipping world-wide.
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Frontier does

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Cross-Border Consolidation

Customs compliance, inventory costs and fulfillment speed can create barriers when shipping to Canada. At Frontier, we can help you navigate through the complexities of cross-border shipping through consolidation.

Why Use a Customs Broker

Trade agreements, regulations and rules are constantly changed and modified. Using a customs broker helps you avoid fines and stay compliant by making sure all your documentation is up to date.

How to Use Visual Importer

This new online portal allows you to view your B3s, invoice imaging, real-time status of shipments and reports. Accounts receivable ledger (ARL) provides CBSA Daily Notices and Statement of Account of your CBSA duty and tax payments.