Frontier Supply Chain Solutions

Canada to US Truckloads

As a Canadian-based company ourselves, Frontier offers Canada to US Truckloads to help Canadian companies expand by providing easy FTL and LTL delivery to the US.

Winnipeg to Chicago

Frontier has trucks going from Winnipeg to Chicago through North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you have a load in Manitoba that you need picked up, click the button below. We’d be happy to deliver en route to our Chicago office. 

Frontier Employees in front of truck
Frontier SCS Truckloads - Trailer Loading

Toronto to Chicago

Our trucks travel from Toronto to Chicago via the 401 and 402 highways in Canada and the 69, 90 and 94 in the US. We can pickup in Ontario and deliver along these highways on the way to Chicago. Click below if you have a load you need delivered:

Expand to the US

Frontier makes growing your business easy. With our existing systems in place, easily start shipping to the United States, one of the biggest markets in the world. Contact one of our business development representatives to find a solution today.

Frontier SCS US Flag